Lightning fast!

Thanks to our ShadeTronic® technology, our lenses detect changes in ambient light and adapt accordingly in less than a tenth of a second. You won’t even notice – you have other things on your mind.


Our lenses darken 300 times faster than conventional photochromic lenses and lighten 1200 times faster, so you never lose focus. 


Because our lenses shift automatically between medium, dark and very dark tints, you never need to change your sunglasses or lenses while on the move. The change from s2 to s3 and s4 happens within 0.1 seconds.


Our polarized, UV400-rated lenses protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays, so you can see clearly and safely at all times.


Solar-powered adventure

Integrated solar cells power the liquid crystals in our lens, causing them to lighten and darken in response to changing light conditions in just a tenth of a second.