“The glasses for every moment”

Kurt wears optray onyx

Light changes that only a few can master.

They let me be ready for anything

The glasses for every moment.
As a balloonist, I am fully exposed to the sun; down in the basket, where my noteboard lies and I have to take notes, it is considerably darker. These light changes are challenges that only a few glasses can master. The react onyx sunglasses are up to the task. Once you put them on, you are thrilled by the quick changing lense. The react also convinced me when I was driving. The dashboard is easy to read, and if there is a tunnel, the glasses can stay up and everything is clearly visible. On holiday at the beach, the good fit enables you to use the glasses in the water as well.

“Up in the air it’s magnificent, but also requires lots of focus. React helps me stay on track.”

Emilie wears optray sky

Optimal visibility with react

As every athlete knows from experience, lighting conditions can change rapidly during a training session or a race. And for everyone trying to adapt to the light conditions, react becomes a real advantage.

Emilie Guido – Triathlete

Léon wears optray neon

Dimming in lightning speed

I can confirm the automatic dimming of 0.1 seconds of the react glasses! It is not just an empty promise. I find it particularly cool that the glasses also change back to bright in the same reaction time.

Léon Koller – Triathlete

Patrick wears optray amber

If you try them, you want them!

Many customers take our react test glasses for a spin around the block. The react is particularly convincing in fast light changes. Once you have tried a react, you usually want to buy one.

Patrick Zollinger – Optician, St. Gallen

Roger wears optray ruby

Your perfect companion!

A perfect fit on the face with optimum protection against the wind, making cycling an experience, even for people who wear contact lenses. The adjustment to the light conditions gives you a clear view at all times and creates confidence even in unknown terrain.

Roger Gärtner – Triathlete